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Elizan haar name story legend iets

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1 Elizan haar name story legend iets op vr sep 16, 2016 5:37 pm

(Dit heb ik ooit geschreven nadat ik allemaal series had gekeken en iets teveel inspiratie had en aangezien ons laatste idee was om ook iets met magische wezens te doen dacht ik laat ik dit eens uitproberen yay)

The tale of the de Desirae’s is a very curious one. It is whispered on cold winter nights to entertain travelers on their way through. No one actually believes that the tale is completely true, but no one dares to deny it either.

The tale starts many centuries ago; some say at a time when there was no record of time. At the same place as the castle stands now, a family lived. They were modest people, making their living with their smithy. At the time, there were a lot of dragons which would cause an uproar from time to time. They would steal livestock or burn down a few farms.

Even in that time, the dragons were known for their greed. They always desired something of value. Which is why the villagers would gather the coins they had from their harvest and give it to the dragon on the terms that he would leave them alone. Often satisfied, the dragon agreed and left with his new found treasure. But this was not always the case.

There came a time that a dragon had decided to take on the village where the family lived. They were the only one with a smithy, so they would often create magnificent treasures to please the fearsome beast. But while it was gifted one of these treasures, its eye felt on the only daughter of the family. He demanded her, saying that there was no bigger treasure on earth than her. The parents refused. That night, several farms were lied waste to the flames.

But the daughter was more cunning than anyone would have expected. She decided to agree on the terms of the dragons, going with him to save her village. Or at least that is what everyone thought. She had decided that the only way to bring the dragon down, was to find his weakness and thus kill him. That way he could never harm humanity again. Which is why, she decided to join him.

So they traveled, and he kept her in caves far away from villages most of the time. To keep her in the dark, he had said although she did not understand why. One night she decided that she wanted to know. She had hidden one of the torches she had found throughout the day. When the darkness came, she had decided to lit it.

She expected a fearsome beast, the one she saw at her home, eyes glistening and scales as far as the eye could see. Instead, she found a human. A man, laying on the ground. She panicked, which made her drop the torch and awakened the man. Never was she so scared in her entire life, immediately running away. He came after her, but when he finally reached her he was still no dragon.

That was the moment the girl came to known that there were no pureblood dragons. It was merely a curse, bestowed upon those who were sickened by their own greed. They were forced to live like the epitome of greed, until they had learned otherwise. He had told her, that he had never seen such an example. She felt sorry for him, and almost felt compassion. After that night he would not keep her in the dark anymore. But he would not let her go either.

Even though she was still his captive, they grew closer. They would talk, she would hear stories of the places he had seen and she would talk of her daily live back home. Though she tried to convince herself she had not forgotten her original plan, it was slowly fading away. Until they came across another dragon. He had told her that this would happen occasionally, they would trade something and then would continue on their way.

And this occasion was the same. But, instead of demanding some glistening jewel, the dragon decided he wanted the girl the man had kept with him. He stated that she shined so brightly, there was nothing better on earth. The man refused, for he had grown close to her. Thus started a battle. The girl watched scarily, hoping that the man she came to adore would survive. That was when her original plan came back in motion. Finding the weakness of a dragon. She had dared ask him. The two people would switch in and out of dragon form all the time, tossing around. She knew she had to help, although she did not know how. Thus, when a killing blow was supposed to come down on the man she adored, she grabbed the swords of one of the men and drove it through the heart of the dragon.

The man she adored almost did not survive. The key to his survival, were her tears of love, telling him he could not leave her. Proving to be one of the solutions to be freed of the greed, he was saved. To prove his love for her, he decided to tell her the secret to killing dragons. Because even though he was human, he would always keep the power of the dragon, a reward for overcoming greed.

He explained to her that the sword needed to be made of a certain type of metal. It was said at that time it was made of the scales of dragons, which had died a long time ago. There were a lot of mines with this metal close to the village of the girl, which had attracted him at the time. The girl did not forget her promise, but instead of fulfilling it she altered it. Instead of killing him, she vowed to kill every other dragon that was beyond saving, to save the people. Thus the swords were made and the lineage started.

The name de Desirae is supposedly a variation on the desired one, since every dragon pined for the girl as a treasure. It is said that even now, the dragons fire is visible in the hearts of females born with this name, the red hair only adding prove to the story. People do not know if the swords are really made of the scales of dragons, but the swords have proved to cleave through impossible materials before. Which is the reason why a Desiraen word is valued so much in kingdoms all across the world.

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